Product & Market


PT Bara Energi Lestari markets and sells coal to buyers with a commitment to provide the best service and mutual benefit.

With the infrastructure owned, ranging from mining infrastructure, special haul roads, and Special Coal Terminals, the Company seeks to optimize its production to reach 15 million mt annually in the coming years. The production and sales target is feasible given the Company's comparative advantages. 

One of the advantages is the Company's strategic location, at the northwest part of Sumatera, where we are targeting markets in the Indian region, around the Gulf of Thailand or the West Coast of Southeast Asia.  

This strategic position shortens the transportation distance and is more cost-efficient. The Company focuses on the Aceh market and the West coast of Sumatra for the domestic market.

To fulfill customer satisfaction, the Company always strives to fulfill 3 key principles:

Coal Quality &

Speed & Accuracy of

Good Mining