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Message from Management

Message from Management

Together, We Can

17 years of presence to assist the people of Nagan Raya through coal operational activities is a challenging process. The ups and downs and even the lowest point have been experienced by the company, where for a whole year, the company did not carry out any operations.

However, solid synergy and empathy to support each other in the group have enabled the company to survive. When the company was pioneering to get back on its feet, the prolonged Covid-19 pandemic forced and encouraged the company always to be alert to make several adjustments to keep the business running.

Nevertheless, amid this challenging year, the Company could still survive while recording an excellent performance supported by the increase in global coal prices. Seeing the opportunity for business growth ahead, the Company capitalized on the rising coal price momentum by increasing production and encouraging sales to partners.

In 2020, the company managed to book an increase in sales of 800 metric tons. This figure exceeded the target of 500 metric tons. In addition, in 2021, the company again managed to make sales at 1.5 million metric tons. The company's success in selling above the target resulted from relentless hard work and solid synergy.

All achievements and sustainability efforts made by all employees to advance the Company are the basis for management to carry the theme of the annual report "Together We Can". Along with the strengthening trend of coal prices going forward, the Company is optimistic that it can embrace better performance in the coming year. At the same time, the company is also committed to always practicing ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) values in its daily mining activities, which have now become a global concern.